Panaracer Bike Tires Are A Marathon Ready Tire

2017-04-17 11:23

Panaracer bicycle tires were not the first product produced by this company. For several years they manufactured commercial and consumer rubber products of many different types. However, in 1978 the company sharpened its focus and began to produce some of the finest bicycle tires on the market. For 28 years, tires have been their only product and they have produced tires with single-minded devotion. A few of their earlier models were so ground-breaking and popular that they are still in production and use today.

Panaracer is the last Japanese manufacturer still producing bicycle tires in its native country. This manufacturer believes that domestic production allows the Panaracer tire to maintain a higher level of quality control. They have full time engineers that are employed to bring the most up-to-date compounds and technology to the product line. This commitment to quality is evident in their cutting-edge designs like the Panaracer XC models.

Professional racers will tell you that this is a fast tire designed for marathon racing. The special design of this tire gives it even greater speed. It contains a compound Panaracer calls ZSG. Made of a blend of silica and carbon, this compound is part of the core of the company's breakthrough "Tangent Delta Technology." The addition of this creation greatly improves the overall durability of all Panaracer tires.

The innovative ZSG compound gives Panaracer tires their characteristic durability and versatility. This compound comes in many formulations, each for a specific use. One gives better grip of wet surfaces and wears longer while another is softer and more flexible yet still durable. It's made for aggressive riding applications. While the first two are important, they added another component that combines all of the best aspects of the other two. Look at the tires on your next professional event as it is known for great performance.

There is also another innovation featured in the Panaracer Fire XC Pro series of tires. It also employs the latest improvement in the tire's bead. The "bead" has traditionally been a hoop of metal surrounding the edge of a clincher tire. It is what holds the liner and inner tube to the rim. This is a strong and sure method of keeping the tire in place, but the metal adds weight to the wheels. Keeping the tire and rim lightweight is essential to racers. A few ounces can translate to added time in a race; races are won and lost by fractions of seconds.

The answer to this dilemma is Kevlar. A lightweight metal was needed to replace the metal in the Panaracer Fire XC Pro tire as well as many of their other models. Kevlar is lighter weight but does not sacrifice the strength the traditional metal hoops offer. Multiple directions of the knobs helps to improve its traction when riding on the sides. Most cyclists recommend that this tire is perhaps best used on gravel and other hard-packed surfaces rather than pavement.

If cyclocross is your sport Panaracer offer a line of cyclocross tires. With cyclocross being such a strenuous sport it requires the highest level of performance from its participant and their equipment. Panaracer tires are always up to the challenge. Bicyclists experience so many different surfaces that a rider must conquer during a cyclocross event require a tire of exceptional versatility and durability. A Panaracer tire never disappoints.

Whether the sport is cyclocross, marathons or the ritual of daily training, Panaracer tires have a product to fit the conditions. Superior technology, methodical research and exemplary quality control will ensure that these tires will remain a staple at racing events around the world.